Lending Companies


Lending Companies

Document Type Description Due Date
SEC Form GIS General Information Sheet Within 30 calendar days from actual annual stockholders’ meeting
*** AFS Audited Financial Statements

Fiscal year ending December 31: on or before April 15. After April 15, based on advisory to be issued by SEC

Fiscal year other than December 31: within 120 days from the end of fiscal year

LCFS Special Form of Financial Statements Within 30 days after due date of submission of Audited Financial Statements
AIS Annual Information Statement Every 30th day of January for Commercial Paper Issuer
(LCIF_schedules_PAGES 6 TO 11)
Semi-Annual Financial Statements

1st Semester: 15 days from cut-off (Cut off: June 30)

2nd Semester: 15 days from cut-off (Cut off: December 31)

However, starting 2nd sem 2012: due date is 45 days from end of semester

AML Compliance Form
AML-CF CoverSheet & General Instructions

Revised Anti-Money Laundering Operating Manual

  1. P10 million or more paid up capital; and/or
  2. More than 40% foreign equity

December 8, 2010 or within 30 days from issuance of CA


Within 30 days from the date the company became covered

See Attached MC No. 4 s. 2015

Q-EPS Quarterly Report of Issuers of Exempt Commercial Paper Within 30 days from end of each quarter
*** Misc Location map of the exact principal office address (signed under oath by the President and Corporate Secretary) Immediate

*** Note: No prescribed format