Procedures on Filing of Exemptive Relief


Procedures on Filing of Exemptive Relief Under Section 72.1 of the SRC


Prepare a letter-request addressed to the appropriate Head of the Operating Department which has jurisdiction over the issue subject of the request, which indicate the following:

  •     The specific rule/s or order, requirement or prohibition from which relief is being sought;
  •     The legal basis or justification for the exemption;
  •     The name, address, and telephone number/s of the applicant.
2. The applicant shall pay to the cashier the corresponding filing fee as prescribed by the Commission.
3. The applicant shall submit the proof of payment of the filing fee as well as the letter-request to the Executive Assistant/Clerical Support.
4. The Operating Department staff shall review the merits of the application for exemptive relief. It may, if deemed necessary, conduct a hearing on such request or call the applicant for conference to afford its reviewing officers to ask clarificatory questions. It may also conduct examination and request for other documents to further evaluate the request. Thereafter, it shall make the appropriate recommendation to the Commission En Banc.
5. The Commission shall issue the Order either granting or denying the request.
6. Upon receipt of the decision from the Commission En Banc through the Director, the assigned staff shall inform the applicant/entity in writing of the approval/denial of the request for exemptive relief. The same shall become final and executory upon due notice to the applicant.
7. The Commission may also opt to publish the Order in the Commission’s website or in any other manner it may deem expedient.